Pettrailing or mantrailing is the search for a specific ‘runner’ (animal or person) by a handler and dog team. The dog acquires the scent of the runner from a scent article (which could be hair, clothing, or a door handle touched by the runner) and uses its amazing sense of smell and instinctive behaviour to find the runner.

The runners scent is as unique as a fingerprint and is left everywhere the runner has been. Dogs are able to differentiate between different scents in a variety of environments (ranging from a busy city centre to mountainous areas) and are therefore able to follow the unique scent trail left by the runner.

Settercity works with the SniffDog Company from Karin Fleer, the owner of Anthony, our firstborn, who is of course already an advanced man- and pettrailer.
Our Team: Miss Lilly, Miss Charlie, Miss Cora and George.


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