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EDS2014BCThe Settercity dogs were all judged excellent and Daddy Jethro and half sister Sahara won BEST COUPLE out of 45 couples. Huge congrats to Martin Kostelnik from Lymarkos Kennel!

IMG 4968

Both our youngsters finish the Czech Junior Champion :)

Miss Annie: excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ
Mr. Aiden: excellent 1, CAJC
Aramis: excellent 2
Miss Lilly: excellent 1, CAC, BOS


CAC Brno

Miss Annie: excellent 1, CAJC
Mr. Aiden: excellent 1, CAJC, BOJ, BOB, BOG VII 5

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Birthday Party of our A-Litter

We all had a lot of fun, especially our birthday kids. Lots of pix...

The same guys 10 months later: the jovial Alfie, the funny Aramis, the sly dog Aiden, the top dog Anthony, the curious Amy and the most naughty and most lovable Annie.

SDA140928 067Aramis excellent 2 - big congrats to the Winner, Imroy Two Faces Harlekin, to his owner Ing. Erich Essl and of course to the breeders, our friends Uli and Wolfgang Höfler :)

1 Geburtstag A Wurf

Happy Birthday to our A-Litter

We are very glad that all 7 dwarfs developed into marvelous Youngsters, that they all found a perfect home and moreover that ALL owners are in close contact with us :)

This picture taken 10 months ago already showed their characters: the jovial Alfie, the funny Aramis, the little hunter Sally, the sly dog Aiden, the top dog Anthony, the curious Amy and the most naughty and most lovable Annie.

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Traditionally the birthday celebration with the family, this year for the first time with two of her children - some pictures...

IMG 0219

Visitors from Australia, Veronica and Peter Price!

We owe our dogs not only the love and pleasure they give us every day, but moreover they are responsible for meeting many people from all over the world... and some of them you meet and after a very short time you have the feeling that you have known them forever. This bond must be made by English Setters :) Veronica and Peter belong to those people.

... and I cannot deny that we are very proud that the son of one of the most famous kennels in Australia really liked our pups and "good boy" Aiden even learned English to please Peter :)


Miss Annie and her litterbrothers Mister Aiden and Mister Allistar were all judged "very promising".
Mom Miss Lilly celebrated her Show comeback in Champion Class after her baby break with an excellent and res. CACA.

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Miss Annie and her litterbrother Mister Allistar were both judged on both days "very promising". 
A perfect start for their future Show Career :)

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