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Mister Connor picIcon dog no 340 g  blue belton +/+    
Miss Charlene picIcon bitch no 341 g  blue belton +/+    
Miss Cora picIcon bitch no 287 g  blue belton  +/+    
Mister Cooper picIcon dog no 297 g orange belton   +/+    
Miss Cecilia picIcon  bitch no 220 g  orange belton  +/+    
Mister Caeden picIcon  dog no 290 g  orange belton  +/-    
Mister Caesar picIcon  dog yes 335 g   orange belton +/+     
Miss Charlotte picIcon  bitch no 305 g  blue belton  +/+    


Bild3     Bild1
Ch. Fanchon Call Me Maybe Kyle "Mitch" x Ch. Annabelle Miss of Settercity "Miss Annie"
HD A   HD A1
full dentition   full dentition
bilateral hearing   bilateral hearing
  • Mitch was born in Feb 2014, bred by Mike Brown, NL, Fanchon Kennels.
  • Mitch has hips FCI-norm A, is both sides hearing (BAER) and he has a complete scissor bite.
  • I fell in love with him 2 years ago, and growing up he has fulfilled all my expectations. He is a very gentle dog, has an excellent movement and he is still chasing the birds. His color is an ideal complement to my light orange Miss Annie.
  • Miss Annie was born in Sep 2013, she is from our first Settercity litter.
  • She has Hips FCI-norm A1, is both sides hearing (BAER), and has a complete scissor bite.
  • She has the very sweet nature from her dam Miss Lilly, this is her first litter, but she was already training for being a mom with our previous litter. Being an avid hunter, she is just like Mitch an example that beauty and working abilities don‘t necessarily contradict.

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